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About New Age FSG

Welcome to New Age FSG! We have a chain of New Age shops in Singapore since 2006 and have a team of metaphysics advisors to help you align your environment and body using natural crystals. Our wide selection of healing stones encompasses the elemental energies of the mineral kingdom. Our crystals come from all over the world and we use only natural crystals in our work.


Lily Lee  |  6 Feb 2017
I was at New Age FSG on Friday i am very impressed and happy with Kristina Jee for her service. Today i went back again i also very impressed and happy with Darren. They both are very polite and helpful . Thank you both very much

Fiona  |  9 June 2017
NewAge and their staff have provided consistent good service to me as their customer. Their warmth and sincerity in treating every customers makes thema great choice if you need professional advice when you look for any crystals for positive aura and/or self healing with crystals. I gladly recommend anyone who requires their services to visit NewAge for their service and quality crystals.

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