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Citrine Pendant

Chinese Name


Metaphysics Properties

Citrine Crystal is a powerful cleanser and regenerator. It helps the body to absorb positive energies and can energize every level of your life. It is a stone of abundance which will teach you to manifest and attract wealth, prosperity, success and all the good things. Psychologically, Citrine helps to raise self- esteem; it activates creativity and gives motivation, encourages self- expression and makes you less sensitive especially to criticism. It will help you to be positive and optimistic and is an excellent stone to overcome depression, fears and phobias.

Healing Properties

Citrine Crystal is an excellent stone for energizing and recharging. It improves the blood circulation and alleviates lethargy and fatigue. Citrine Crystal also helps with the spleen, pancreas and liver function. It detoxify the blood and increases the immune system. As an elixir, it balances the hormones and is useful for menstrual problems and menopausal symptoms.



*With reference to Judy Hall's Crystal Bible.

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