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Iron Nickel Meteorite

Iron Nickel Meteorite Tie Clip

Chinese Name

Metaphysics Properties

The Nickel Iron meteorite is actually a meteorite that crashed through the Earth’s atmosphere and scatters. With the powers from the universe, this protective Stone helps the wearer to improve his intuition. You may also use this stone in your meditation and to activate your kundalini. It creates a peaceful and calm environment so that you may concentrate on your tasks. The meteorite balances and aligns the active fields of your body. It raises the communication and also offers the access to important stored information.

Healing Properties

Iron Nickel meteorite is a good stone to treat the anaemia, strengthens the blood and tissues. It motivates the hope and strength for those with long physical ailment and struggles. It encourages the stamina, endurance and strength.


United Kingdom

*With reference to Judy Hall's Crystal Bible.

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