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Chinese Name


The Origin

Tanzanite, a lavender-blue variety of Zoisite, was first discovered in 1967 by Manuel d'Souza the hills of Merelani, Nothern Tanzania. In 1970, Tiffany jeweller Henry Platt name the rare gem Tanzanite. Found only in one place on Earth, it is even rarer than diamond.

Metaphysics Properties

Tanzanite has extremely high vibration and is an excellent stone for meditation. It opens the subtle chakras on the bio-magnetic sheath to facilitate spiritual work. It enhances psychic abilities and telepathy and aids in astral body travelling. Tanzanite helps to overcome depression and anxiety, replacing it with trust and poise. It is the perfect stone for resolving any head-heart dilemma.

Healing Properties

Tanzanite helps with the rejuvenation of the body and strengthens the immune system. It helps to clear negative thoughts in the mind and brings about a sense of peace and joy. Tanzanite also treats the skin, head and throat diseases.



*With reference to Judy Hall's Crystal Bible and other crystal books.

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