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Tibetan Tektite

Chinese Name


Metaphysics Properties

Tektite is known for raising one’s vibrations and strengthening our aura, making it a wonderful stone for spiritual advancement. One can work with the Tektite during meditation to expand their consciousness beyond the current limitations, and bring deeper insights into current situations or problems. Tektite helps to protect against negative energies and is an ideal stone to receive higher knowledge from other worlds. Tektite also helps to release undesirable pasts and focus only on those which support spiritual growth. It also helps to balance the yin and yang energies within the body.

Healing Properties

Tektite helps to lower fever and improves blood circulation. It prevents transmission of diseases and aids in fertility. Physically, Tektites help to enhance and accelerate healing from illness and injuries.



*With reference to Judy Hall's Crystal Bible.

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