About Us

NewAge FSG is an award-winning SME in the crystal and mineral business. Since 2006, the company has been serving valued customers with holistic advice, combining ancient techniques with today’s technology, to bring balance to the body, mind and soul. The company is also well-trusted for its expertise in birth chart and on-site readings. Its consultants, who are effectively bilingual, have been trained rigorously to provide pragmatic advice on how the year’s planetary positions affect customers’ birth charts.

Founded by Christina Jee, who is trained in specialised meditation, reiki healing and crystal therapy, the birth of NewAge FSG was inspired by the innate desire for people to want to feel good, be balanced and experience joyful and meaningful living.

Crystals are Mother Nature’s precious gifts to mankind. They have been used since ancient times for healing, health, and protection.

“By harnessing crystals’ natural healing energies to bring balance to our customers’ lives,” says Christina, “we hope to make a difference and are truly motivated when we see their lives transform and improve.”

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