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Affinity Bracelets 2019

December 12, 2018

The Chinese horoscope is based on 12 animal signs and according to legend, they are divided into four groups based on their mutual compatibility with one another.

The combined strength of these 3 allies is powerful. When any of them suffers the bad affliction of the stars, the luck of the other 2 will be affected too. To mitigate any bad influence from the ominous stars in 2019, it is important to wear your zodiac bracelets to garner all the support from your allies and ensure a smooth-sailing year.

The Strategists – Rat, Dragon and Monkey

This highly intelligent trio has strong personalities and they make good leaders. They are pragmatic and reliable but can be stubborn and overly sensitive.

In 2019, you will enjoy a fruitful and successful year with the Good Fortune Stars. You may enjoy a boost of income from a possible salary increment or windfall. Save for a rainy day and avoid wasteful spending habits. Love is in the air for singles and married couples will enjoy a blissful relationship.

Wear the Hematite crystal to amplify these good opportunities coming your way and invite love, wealth and good health into your life.

The Philosophers – Ox, Snake and Rooster

This trinity of friends are thinkers and visionaries. They are normally composed, thoughtful and possess a strong determination to succeed.

Unfortunately, the combination of the ominous stars in 2019 will bring many challenges to your career advancement. Jealous people will hinder your work progress so keep a low profile to avoid gossip and misunderstanding. Relationship will be tested so keep calm to avoid petty quarrels.

Wear the Gold Sheen Obsidian to help you rise above the afflictions and ward off any ill-will from jealous competitors.

The Warriors – Tiger, Horse and Dog

The Dog, Tiger and Horse are the Warriors. They are loyal, steadfast and quick-witted. However, they can be overly sensitive and are often plagued by emotional confusion.

In 2019, you will experience good opportunities in your career and wealth luck. Married couples will enjoy a blissful marriage and singles may find a potential partner. Health is wealth so exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet to improve your health.

Wear the Tri-Colour Tiger Eye to invite mentors and noblemen into your life and suppress the illness star with this powerful combination.

The Charismatics – Rabbit, Goat and Pig

Well known for their good nature and charming disposition, they are also always thoughtful and sensitive. They speak their minds as they are honest but are often taken advantage of.

You may expect an increase in income from career advancement in 2019. However, stay vigilant and be careful with investment decisions to avoid future legal entanglements. Relationship luck is weak in 2019. Let nature take its course and avoid jumping into new relationships to avoid disappointment and heartache.

Wear Petrified Wood to improve your career luck and attract nobleman help in all your endeavours.