2023 Zodiac Forecast

The 12 Chinese Zodiac animal signs are categorised into groups of 3 compatible zodiac signs called the Trinity of Friends. These allies create an auspicious combination, get along well and depend on one another for strength, support and good fortune.

Trinity of Friends

  • Rat, Dragon, Monkey
  • Ox, Snake, Rooster
  • Tiger, Horse, Dog
  • Rabbit, Goat, Pig

When 1 ally has an affliction with a negative star, the other 2 are able to help minimise or mitigate the negative consequences. They support one another with the power and energy through tough times. Till this day, it is still a popular practice that people look into the Zodiac Trinity charts to look for business partners, colleagues and even soulmates.


Rat, Monkey and Dragon

For those born in the Year of the Rat, Monkey or Dragon, a blissful year is what you can expect in 2023. However, do take care of your mental health as you might be affected by malicious rumours or jealous people. Wear the Heavenly Cicada with Gold Tiger’s Eye to protect yourself from ill-wishing and betrayals while improving relationships, harmony, fertility and health.


Ox, Rooster and Snake

People born in the Year of Ox, Rooster or Snake may encounter financial stress, hence try to avoid being involved in investments with quick gains. In Feng Shui, the Celestial 3-Legged Toad is believed to help promote wealth and prosperity. This wealth symbol, together with Angelite, a wishing stone, help give clarity of mind to make good financial decisions and help manifest positive investment outcomes.


Tiger, Horse and Dog

People born in the Year of Tiger, Horse or Dog need to amp up their career luck in 2023. To help propel this trinity of friends forward to greater heights, the Majestic Lion, which is a symbol of power, courage and authority, together with the vibrant Red Agate, will help strengthen and boost vitality while minimising the dampening effects of fatigue and residual stress.


Rabbit, Goat and Pig

2023 will generally be a smooth year for those born in the Year of Rabbit, Goat or Pig. To amplify an abundant year and good fortunes coming your way, harness the protective energies of the Auspicious Pixiu to protect and accumulate your wealth and remove all obstacles. Together with Howlite, which facilitates awareness, you will enjoy the joyous blessings for the new year.


The Lucky Zodiac Bracelets are paired with Grade A Black Jade to amplify the best of health, good luck, abundant fortunes and powerful protection.