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Flying Stars 2018

September 26, 2017

Every year, the cosmos align themselves into different positions and cause changes in energy on Earth. Hence, by using the ancient Chinese technique of metaphysics, scholars have formulated a movement chart of energies called the “Flying Stars Chart”.

Flying stars (飞星) are described in Feng Shui as a body of energy (Qi) moving into different sectors of our living environment. This Feng Shui formula is a very effective way of calculating planetary movements of energies from year to year. By understanding how the energies flow, we are able to manipulate and enhance positive Qi, hence helping us take precautions against negative afflictions.

North West Sector

Star 1 (白官星)

Career Wealth Star

Grand Duke of Jupiter (太岁)

The auspicious energy in this sector can bring about improved career and business opportunities. However, obstacles can be expected due to the affliction of Tai Sui, the “Grand Duke of Jupiter”. Remedy this sector to avoid unnecessary financial losses.

North Sector

Star 5 (五黄煞星)

Total Loss Star + 3 Killings 

When the Total Loss Star meets the 3 Killings Star, a great deal of misfortune and accidents can happen. Suppress this energy to avoid any financial losses and remove any obstacles in your endeavours.

North East Sector

Star 3 (三碧斗星)

Quarrelsome Star 

The Quarrelsome Star brings about conflicts, arguments, gossips and backstabbing. Taking precautions to supress this aggressive effect will help to avoid petty quarrels or even legal issues.

West Sector

Star 2 (二黑病星)

Illness Star

The depressive energy of the Illness Star brings about mental depression and physical illnesses. Therefore it is important to remedy this area to avoid its unwanted effects.


Star 9 (九紫喜星)

Multiplying Star

This Multiplying Star brings about fame, recognition and networking luck. Activate this star to enhance promotion luck or enable your career to achieve greater heights.

East Sector

Star 7 (七赤贼星)

Robbery Star

The Robbery Star brings about unexpected losses and events. It creates tension at work which leads to missed opportunities. Take care of personal belongings when travelling. Suppress this negative energy to avoid any financial losses.

South West Sector

Star 6 (六白财星)

Speculative Wealth Star

This Speculative Wealth Star attracts windfall and prosperity luck for the family. Activate this sector to benefit from the star’s positive energy.

South Sector

Star 4 (四绿文星)

Scholastic & Romance Star

The energy in this sector promotes good literacy and relationship luck. Activate this sector to enhance scholastic pursuits and bring harmony and love into your life.

South East Sector

Star 8 (八白运星)

Financial Abundance Star

This wealth star brings about financial abundance and good career opportunities. Activate this sector to enhance your wealth and financial gains for the year.