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Flying Stars 2020

January 1, 2020

Flying stars (飞星) are described in Feng Shui as a body of energy (Qi) moving into different sectors of our living environment. Know the location of these auspicious stars and how to balance the energy to improve your luck to enjoy good health, wealth and harmony (福, 禄, 寿).

North West Sector – Star #8
Financial Abundance Star 八白运星

The Star #8 is the most auspicious governing Flying Star. This Abundance Star is known to bring wealth, fame and career success to the Patriarch in 2020. Activate this sector to enhance your business and financial status.

North Sector – Star #3
Quarrelsome Star 三碧斗星
Grand Duke of Jupiter 太岁

This quarrelsome star may bring about arguments, misunderstandings or even legal suits. The affliction of the Grand Duke of Jupiter, 「Tai Sui 太岁」, may also create more obstacles in your life. Remedy this sector to mitigate its negative afflictions.

North East Sector – Star #1
Career Wealth Star 一白官星

The auspicious Star #1 is also known as the Victory Star which aids fame, promotion luck and wealth accumulation. In 2020, it brings career and academic success. Activate this sector to enhance your career and benefactor luck.

West Sector – Star #9
Multiplying Star 九紫喜星

This Purple Star #9 attracts future wealth luck and good fortune. Its multiplying effect brings recognition and fame in your career. Activate this sector to improve your relationships with your colleagues at work.

Center Sector – Star #7
Robbery Star 七赤賊星

The Robbery Star brings about unexpected losses through thefts and scams. At the same time, there will be missed opportunities. Hence, remedy this sector to reduce its negative effects.

East Sector – Star #5
Total Loss Star 五黃煞星

In 2020, the Five Yellow of Total Loss Star can cause calamity, family disputes, work obstructions, wealth loss, injuries and even death. Hence, remedy this sector to suppress this inauspicious energy to avoid any total loss in your life.

South West Sector – Star #4
Scholastic & Romance Star 四绿文星

This Heavenly Star governs relationships, artistic talents and academic luck. Activate this auspicious star to enjoy love and harmony as well as scholastic pursuits.

South Sector – Star #2
Illness Star 二黑病星
Three Killings 三煞

The combination of the Illness Star and the Three Killings bring about depression, physical illnesses or even accidents. Residents will also experience financial losses due to thefts and scams. Hence, it is important to remedy this sector to avoid its negative afflictions.

South East Sector – Star #6
Speculative Wealth Star 六白財星

The Speculative Wealth Star, promises windfall and prosperity luck to people who spend a lot of time in this sector. Activate this sector to enjoy all the good fortunes and also to attract benefactors to help propel your career.

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