• Personal Feng Shui Advice

    This consultation provides practical advice on how the year’s planetary positions affect your birth chart. Discover how you can make better choices and decisions to optimise opportunities, improve your health, wealth, luck, love, career and destiny and more importantly, mitigate any negative planetary influences.

    $48 per consultation

  • Interior Space Reading

    Shifting to a new home, business office or simply wishing to renovate the space?

    The feng shui in your home or office affects your luck, goals and destiny and having the right balance will help bring about positive outcomes.

    This thorough analysis of the property’s space using feng shui is based either on the floor plan provided or an on-site visit by our experienced and professional advisors.

    Floor Plan Reading:
    $98 per plan

    On-Site Reading:
    $488 (Single Level Apartment)
    $1088 (Landed Property)
    $1800 (Shop House / Office)

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