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  • Aventurine Double Pointer Pendant

Aventurine Double Pointer Pendant

  • S$29.00

Approximately: H: 2cm X W: 0.6cm


The price listed is for one Aventurine Double Pointer PendantThe photos are just for reference and the colour may vary due to lighting and differ with different screen resolution. You will receive the quantity you purchase, selected at random from our stock.
Although crystals are gifts from Mother Nature, they may have some imperfections like us. Due to its natural characteristics, most crystals may have natural inclusions or surface marks even after being polished. If you need any clarification, please feel free to email us.


Aventurine absorbs electromagnetic smog caused by geopathic stress and protects against environmental pollution. Psychologically, it promotes decisiveness and perseverance and helps to reinforce leadership qualities. . Aventurine promotes a feeling of well- being by balancing the heart chakra and releasing anger and irritation. Spiritually, Aventurine protects against psychic attacks and ill-wishing.


Aventurine benefits the thymus gland, connective tissues and nervous system. It balances blood pressure, lowers cholesterol and prevents heart attack and arteriosclerosis. It has an anti- inflammatory effect and helps ease skin allergies and sinuses. Aventurine helps to relieve migraine and tension headache. It can also be used to soothe eye infection and pain.
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