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[Buy 1 Get 1 Free] Cryslixir Lavender Auric Atomiser

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Volume: 15ml

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Cryslixir Lavender Auric Atomiser which combines the powerful healing energies of Crystal-Activated Elixir and the therapeutic properties of Pure Lavender Essential Oil to calm the mind and body. 


Over time, the healing properties of crystals have been scientifically proven. Harnessing the numerous benefits of Crystal Quartz, our laboratories energise water by these gifts of nature. Through distillation, the essence of the crystal is created, thus producing Crystal-Activated Elixir. This method preserves the curative energies of Crystal Quartz, which is known to be an excellent energy amplifier.  The atomiser is formulated with Pure Lavender Essential Oil to optimise its therapeutic and clarifying benefits.  This calming and revitalising spray is suitable for daily use.
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