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Pink Botswana Agate Rectangular Bracelet

  • S$89.00

Country of origin: Botswana

Metaphysics Properties

Agate is a soothing, calming and grounding stone that brings about an emotional, physical and intellectual balance by balancing yin and yang. Psychologically, it helps acceptance of oneself and builds confidence. It also helps to bring one’s attention to any disease that might interfere with one’s well being. Agate helps to improve concentration, perception and analytical abilities and encourages one to speak the truth. Emotionally, it helps to overcome negativity and bitterness of the heart; useful for emotional trauma and creates a sense of security and safety. It also raises consciousness and awareness and helps in spiritual growth and stability.

Healing Properties

It is a popular stone which helps to deflect negative energies. When placed on the heart chakra, it will heal the emotional disease that prevents acceptance of love. It is an elixir that helps to improve digestive systems and relieves gastritis.

Additional Information

The price listed is for one piece of Pink Botswana Agate Rectangular Bracelet. The photos are just for reference and the colour may vary due to lighting and differ with different screen resolution. You will receive the quantity you purchase, selected at random from our stock. Although crystals are gifts from Mother Nature, they may have some imperfections like us. Due to its natural characteristics, most crystals may have natural inclusions or surface marks even after being polished. If you need any clarification, please feel free to email us.

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