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  • Aragonite Double Pointer Pendant

Aragonite Double Pointer Pendant

  • S$69.00

Are you in a relationship that tests your patience? Lean on Aragonite, a stone that dissipates anger, teaches acceptance and promotes tolerance especially when you need it most. A grounding stone that helps you in your anxious moments!

Settings: 925 Silver

Metaphysics Properties

Aragonite is an earth grounding stone. It can transmute geopathic stress to positive grounding energy and is thus commonly known as an Earth Healer. Aragonite restores balance and increases vibration during meditation to reach a higher spiritual level. Emotionally, its calming energy helps to alleviate anger, thus reducing stress.

Healing Properties

Aragonite strengthens the immune system and treats Reynaud’s Diseases. It aids in the assimilation of calcium and heals bone fractures. It also restores elasticity to the skeletal disc and stops twitches and muscle spasms. Aragonite also warms the body and helps to reduce chills.

Additional Information

The price listed is for one piece of Aragonite Double Pointer Pendant. The photos are just for reference and the colour may vary due to lighting and differ with different screen resolution. You will receive the quantity you purchase, selected at random from our stock. Although crystals are gifts from Mother Nature, they may have some imperfections like us. Due to its natural characteristics, most crystals may have natural inclusions or surface marks even after being polished. If you need any clarification, please feel free to email us.

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