Sheady | 12 February 2018

Hi, i am Sheady.
I started Feng Shui in 2012. New Age is the one i started with, and i attend every year without fail.
In fact, i am not very sure about Feng Shui… however, my master always shares with me that ” as long as we feel good, things will be better”..
I feel good to step in New Age. This makes me continuingūü§ó


Fiona | 9 June 2017

NewAge and their staff have provided consistent good service to me as their customer. Their warmth and sincerity in treating every customers makes thema great choice if you need professional advice when you look for any crystals for positive aura and/or self healing with crystals. I gladly recommend anyone who requires their services to visit NewAge for their service and quality crystals.


Lily Lee | 6 February 2017

I was at New Age FSG on Friday i am very impressed and happy with Kristina Jee for her service. Today i went back again i also very impressed and happy with Darren. They both are very polite and helpful . Thank you both very much.


Sue Lynn | 12 February 2015

I have visited New Age FSG on many occasions over the course of the last few years. On every occasion, I have received professional service, advice and honest assessments from Kristina and her team without fail. I have enjoyed my visits to New Age FSG and all beautiful quality crystals there. I treasure not only the crystals purchased from New Age FSG but also the friendship warmly extended by Kristina and her team.


Caleb | 7 February 2015

Kris and her team offers good professional advice.

They recommend products that you will need and are not pushy in getting you to buy more.

Love the products I have got from them.


Rosnah | 5 February 2015

I started seeing Kristina for feng shui reading a few years back. What attracted me to the shop in the first place are the stones, crystal and jade pieces and the information written about each item.

I was impressed with the advice and patience (with all the questions) given by Kristina about my personal as well as my working life. Advice about what to do,and what to avoid etc. – all these help me in my daily life. I find all these very informative and useful. Thank you Kristina for your valuable advice and help. What I like most is not only is Kristina friendly (including the team at New Age FSG) but Kristina has offer me to contact her anytime for any advice even after I had done my reading. Thank you Kristina and I look forward to seeing you again.


Maggie Yin | 4 February 2015

I’ve been buying crystals and jade from NewAgeFSG for several years now and have found the staff there informed, honest, friendly and approachable without exerting any pressure to buy.

A year ago, I decided to try their consultation services, the Personal Feng Shui advice and I’m very glad that I did! Kristina’s analysis were spot-on and accurate and I’m totally amazed at her insights and clarity when she does the reading. I benefitted a lot from Kristina’s advice as it helped me to be aware of my personal situation and enabled me to make certain decisions and mitigate the negative impact. I’ve just had another reading done for 2015 with Kristina and her expert and sensible advice has given me the confidence to face the challenges ahead for the year.


Shelley | 11 September 2014

Hello I just received my 2 pendants and wanted to say a big thank you they are absolutely beautiful Thank you so much Shelley.


Ausch Witz | 6 August 2014

Always an ardent fan of what you guys stock up. CJ (the owner) seems to have a knack to select the BEST stuff, be it cleansing tools or the crystals themselves. It only puts other crystal shops to shame :P.


Stephen and Min-Min | 14 October 2013

We got to know Kenneth and Kristina from a friend last year in early January 2013. They gave us their findings within a week after visiting our house, and explained some ways to improve the home energy in a modern way. Their Fengshui methods are modern which doesn’t request us to build/change any fittings in our house. After the crystal enhancements to our home, we have more harmony, success in our career, and money luck. They are professional and provide their services passionately. We highly recommend their services for people looking to improve their overall being and home environment. Thank you Kenneth and Kristina!


Ms Sue | 31 August 2013

Hi Christina… Glad I took up Carol’s challenge to visit your place and had a great time today (Saturday) browsing at your lovely baubles. Love my lapis lazuli bracelet to eternity. Looking forward to your new arrivals in the next few weeks and really hope to whisk away something nice for my cousin’s upcoming wedding. Crystals always become a talking piece at such functions. Cheerz…Sue


Derrick Khoo | 8 January 2013

I am Derrick who visited New age FSG last evening at 6.30pm. Thank you for your advices. I had an enjoyable session. Keep in touch.


Liew Wei Ming | 12 April 2012

The New Age Team had applied a practical holistiic approach and knowledge on their metaphysic services, be it geomancy consultation, chakra healing, aura enhancement technique etc, were easy-to-understand and applications, which I had several good experiences with myself. Thanks for their earnest efforts and advice in smoothen obstacles in our life problems.

Keep up the good works.


Hsu-Ling and Hsu-Ping | 6 April 2012

It was some years ago that we stumbled upon the services of New Age FS Gems and Kenneth.

A friend of mine returned from UK after her divorce and was looking to resettle back into her life in Singapore. She bought an apartment and wanted to get it cleansed or aligned towards better energy. I offered to help her seek a reasonable and fair Fengshui consultant, and the internet search engine Google, of all things, brought me to New Age FS Gems.

It was the beginning of a relationship with the advisers at New Age FS Gems for us. Unlike most other Fengshui practitioners, the advisers at New Age FS Gems do not attempt to sell or push unnecessary items to its clients. What we like about their service is their friendly approach and practical advice. Their service and products are of a quality that is in a league of its own. What we like, is how the advisers combine Fengshui advice with holistic metaphysics and spirituality. Aboveall, it is their honesty that we prized.

Over the years, many of my friends have gone to Kenneth to seek metaphysical advice for their homes, careers, businesses, and various aspects of their lives. For those who embrace alternative healing and protection, what they seek, works for them. Like everything else, faith matters, as do the condition of the heart. One cannot aspire to seek positive energy, when the heart is set in a dark place or on unsettled grounds.

Our latest engagement of Kristina and Kenneth