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Buzzing in the Ears

Buzzing in the Ears

Prolonged exposure to noise can cause buzzing in the ears. But did you know that you may be able to forecast what may happen when buzzing in the ears occurs at different times of the day?

For example, if the buzzing occurs between 5pm to 7pm in the left ear, you are about to lose some money and if it occurs in the right ear at that time, you may encounter major good luck!

Fact or myth?

Time Left Ear Right Ear
11pm to 1am A female is thinking about you You are about to lose some money
1am to 3am There will be some gossip about you You may be associated with a legal case
3am to 5am You may be losing some money There is something worrying you
5am to 7am Good food awaits you A guest will visit you
7am to 9am You will embark on an overseas trip A guest will visit you
9am to 11am You will encounter some bad luck Major good luck will follow you
11am to 1pm You will receive news from afar You will be visited by some relatives
1pm to 3pm Good food awaits you You will be visited by a guest from afar
3pm to 5pm An important person will visit you There will be some auspicious events happening soon