Manifest with Moon Energy

Moon Phases

The Sun plays an important role in our everyday life. But do you know that the Moon has more influence in our daily activities than we ever realised?

The Moon completes a full cycle every 29.5 days, from New Moon to Full Moon. During each phase, the Moon exerts a strong gravitational pull that causes change in the tides of our oceans and seas, and not to forget, us. Humans are made up of 70% water, any change in the Moon’s energy will affect our mood, emotions and wellbeing.

Being in sync and aligned with the Moon phases will allow us to unleash the potential of its energy and use it to our benefit.

New Moon
A New Moon, often also known as the dark Moon, happens when the Moon comes between the Sun and Earth and appears to be invisible. Each New Moon is a time for fresh starts, new beginnings and setting of your goals. Tap on the New Moon’s energy and write a list of what you want to attract or manifest during this phase.

Waxing Crescent
Waxing occurs when the Moon starts to make its appearance. And waxing crescent is when less than half of the Moon is illuminated. During this phase, the Moon’s energy gives you a little boost as we embark on our goals. With hope and positivity, meditate and manifest.

First Quarter
The first quarter is when the Moon is half lit on the right side of the Moon. This phase is a perfect time to make decisions on how to reach your goals. Riding on the momentum of the energy, overcome challenges that you face along the way. Tweak your strategy and make the necessary changes.

Waxing Gibbous
Almost reaching its full illumination, Waxing Gibbous occurs two weeks after the New Moon. This is also a phase for us to assess and refine our goals.

Full Moon
Full Moon happens when the Earth comes between the Sun and Moon. During this phase, the Moon’s energy is extremely emotional and is best for releasing any negative emotions and intentions. It can be in the form of stopping any bad habits, getting away from difficult relationships, or even just throwing away any old items that we no longer need.

Waning Gibbous
We are more than halfway through the Moon cycle! Waning occurs when the Moon starts to dim its shine, and Waning Gibbous is when more than half the Moon is illuminated. As the Moon wanes, this is the time to slow down, review and express our gratitude. Take a slow walk or spend some alone time to reconnect with your inner self.

Third Quarter
The Third Quarter, also known as the Last Quarter, is when the Moon is half illuminated on the left side. This phase is the best time to let go and forgive or release things that are unpleasant. During this phase, it is also a time of self-reflection on what we have achieved or how far we have moved forward.

Waning Crescent
Almost at its last light, Waning Crescent is the last phase of the Moon cycle. Use this calming energy to rest and re-align ourselves. And this is the best time to make peace before starting on a new journey.